Reimagine digital trust, and progress our digital society

We are taking on the challenge of building the new identity stack for the future web
in order to deliver a seamless, safe, and reliable digital experience to all people and organizations.

Who We Are

CollaboGate originally began as a global research community for distributed ledger technology in 2017.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us realize that businesses are facing digital identity issues globally. Our lives and economic activities are becoming more contactless; however, the internet experiences have more rooms to catch up with the speed of the shift. That led us to a decentralized identity verification platform, “UNiD.”

By leveraging decentralized identity technology, we are taking on the challenge of reimagining digital trust to deliver a seamless, safe, and reliable digital experience to all people and organizations.

We are proud to be working with leading companies across industries on collaborative projects. If you are interested in taking on this challenge with us, please talk to us.

Our Solutions

1. Decentralized Identity Verification Platform "UNiD"

UNiD, an easy to integrate and adaptable decentralized identity verification platform. By providing a simple toolkit, automate the entire identity verification process for any use cases.

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2. Collaborative Project

By leveraging decentralized identity technology, our experts will help your business shift to contactless workflow and experience in secure and privacy-preserving way. We look forward to hearing from you as you take on the challenge of digital trasnforming.

3. R&D

Research and development of technical elements essential for the next generation web, such as crypto primitives, edge computing process, key management system, specifications and protocols. In cooperation with the W3C/DIF, which is promoting the standardization of protocols and data format/schema for decentralized identity ecosystem, we are building a decentralized identity platform with ensuring scalability, security, and interoperability.

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Our Team


CollaboGate is forming a community to address various social issues by co-creating with professionals around the world with various specialties such as engineers, researchers, data analysts, and policy makers.

Masayoshi Mitsui

Japan/Autonomous distributed system

Kohei Kurihara


Jassir Ali

London/Global Marketing

Thành Nguyễn

Vietnam/Blockchain Expert

Hiroto Kobayashi

Japan/Blockchain Expert

Simon Barducci

London/Blockchain Engineer

Huang Bruce

China/Blockchain Expert

Amanda Ahl

Japan/Blockchain Energy Researcher

Yoshinobu Shijo

Japan/Blockchain IoT Researcher

Takemichi Hirai

Japan/Blockchain Engineer

Yuta Matsuyama

Japan/Blockchain Engineer

Yousuke Hidaka

Japan/MaaS Expert

Masahito Ito

Japan/Financial Expert

Nariko Nishimura

Japan/Startup Ecosystem

Tsuyoshi Kitayama

Japan/Logistics Expert

Ryota Nakazawa

Japan/Startup Ecosystem

Kanehiro Yoshida

Japan/Startup Ecosystem

Kristina Yasuda

Japan/Digital Identity

Atsushi Kuroda


Jumpei Hioki

Japan/Food Tech Expert

Akira Yanagihara

Japan/Startup Ecosystem

Brian D. Evans

US/Blockchain Expert

Satoshi Okuda

Japan/Backend Engineer

Nasoi Roxana

Singapore/Blockchain Healthcare Expert

Ryusuke Komura

Japan/Startup Ecosystem

Wan Wei Soh

Singapore/Blockchain Media Expert

Tomohiro Yamaguchi

Japan/Blockchain Financial Expert

Soushi Nemoto

Japan/Backend Engineer

Our Partners

Building the new identity stack for the next generation web together.