Decentralized Collaboration Platform

CollaboGate is a global distributed organization of entrepreneurs, developers and professionals, looking for the collaboration between diversified entities in the decentralised world.

Our Activities


Share worldwide blockchain usecases on various industries and collaborate with building and design your Dapps and token economic model together.


Arrange meetup to discuss the future and usecases with blockchain projects and various local enterprises.

Open Research

Open our research meetup with protocol driven projects with professionals. We are able to arrange research work flow following your request.

Accelerator Program

Coming Soon.

Our Portofolio

CollaboGate Team

We are going to move forward a decentralized world.
Tokyo, LA, London, Singapore, Bangalore, Chengdu, HongKong, Taiwan Devision.

Masayoshi Mitsui


He was a researcher of distributed autonomous system in Keio University and had experience with several academic international conferences.
 Serial entrepreneur | Full-stack engineer | BCG | a speaker at BEF in Singapore 2018 | Advisor at Several blockchain projects

Kohei Kurihara


President of Chapter Tokyo at Global Blockchain Association (GBA) | CMO at Mangaconnect | worked with a major Japanese e-commerce company and also have extensive experience with education and non-profit organizations, and with the secretaries of local politicians around creating and developing public policy.

Puru Maralappa

Community Manager

MCA (Masters of computer application) with 9 Years of experience as Business Intelligence specialist, Business Analyst and Project manager. In Blockchain industry and offering advice, consultation services, connections to Blockchain experts and crypto currency investors, organizing blockchain events and roadshows in Tokyo for oversea startups.

Hiroto Kobayashi


Advisory board member at Israeli Blockchain Association, CVO and Founder at INFOBAHN INC., Publisher of Business Insider Japan, Icon at Large of Gizmodo Japan, Professor at BBT Univ.

Sally Eaves


Emergent Technology CTO | Intrapreneur | Social Innovator | Speaker and Author | Research | TOP20 Influencer on crypto market.

Jimmy Homma


I am one of enthusiastic bitcoiners in the world. Chairman at Digital Money Association in Japan.

Huang Bruce


Technology entrepreneur and an early bitcoin investor since 2013. He is currently a co-founder and CTO of S-Labs (, a blockchain company for supply chain finance in China. engineer lead at Microsoft in US | a director at Alibaba Cloud | the CTO of Yirendai (NYSE: YRD) at CreditEase in China | the CEO of Madailicai, a top P2P lending company in China.

Simon Barducci


IT Solutions Architect | Blockchain & DLT Development (since 2012) | Coinbrew - Dapps & Smart Contracts | ownBLOCK - Blockchain Infrastructure | Specialist of dPoS & Tezos

Jaasir Ali

President at London Division

Entrepreneur and Senior Consultant at Jaasir Ali Ltd. | Digital Marketing and Branding Advisor | Blockchain Analyst | Linking Blockchain communities around the world. UK | Japan | China

Victor Chow


Co-Founder Global COO of Hong Kong Mobile Payment & Settlement Platform TiENPAY Limited and CEO of Aristagora International is an active ICO investor, advisor and fundraiser. He will be our Asian Market and Investment Advisor for CollaboGate responsible to manage and service our clients and investors in the South East Asia regions, China and Hong Kong.

James Christy


Engaged in reseraching blockchain solutions and Daaps capabilities that will lay the foundation for the future and individuals and businesses. Blockchain Analyst Contributor | Bitcoin Enthusiast | Senior Consultant at PwC Japan.

Takemichi Hirai


He worked in the corporate pension and human resources departments of Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Banking. Data Researcher and Blockchain Engineer at Zerobillbank. co-founder of stellarX, Inc. He has experienced building a Dapps and contributes building developer community in JP.

Ali Sammour


Founder and CEO of FLATLAY and Creditcoin which is the decentralized affiliate & content marketing protocol. Serial entrepreneur | Director of Publisher Development at AddThis.

Maximilian Mai


Co-founder and COO of BlockWise Consulting, Chengdu blockchain community leader, believe in blockchain and a decentralized future.

Yuta Matsuyama


Co-founder at TECHFUND Inc. and responsible for the development of ACCEL BaaS which makes your blockchain app with 1 line of JavaScript and compatible with Ethereum, NEO, NEM, Lisk, and so on. Primary engineer at Trippiece | HR department at CyberAgent Inc. and got “Best Stuff Award” as a MVP stuff 2013.

Jumpei Hioki


Founder and CEO of LeapsIn, Inc. Intrapreneur, Food Researcher, Food Engineer. After experiencing food R&D, factory production control and quality assurance, involved in the development of novel technologies and products projects.

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